How many batteries are needed?
Only three AA size batteries are needed which are available at all general stores easily.

Will my ECRACKER be damaged after bursting a cracker?
The ECRACKER will not get damaged after the blast of the cracker. You can use the ECRACKER again and again.

How do I install the batteries?
Open the base of the ECRACKER. You will see the battery compartment. Install the cells like you would do in any electronic device such as remote control.

How does the ECRACKER work?
After battery installation, switch on the ECRACKER by using the ON/OFF switch on the side. Place the ECRACKER on the ground. Now insert the fuse of the cracker in the small hole on the side of the ECRACKER till the fuse meets an obstruction. That obstruction is the ignition coil. Now press the “Trigger” button on top and step back. After 5 sec the ignition coil will ignite the cracker.